11922944_10152939588967063_3285579940046714898_oSqueaky floorboards are a highly frustrating issue that can sometimes happen after wooden flooring has been fitted. Most of the time this is because of the nature of wood and also the truth that it expands and contracts due to the shifting heat and moisture levels in the environment.

In nearly all cases this won’t cause an excessive amount of annoyance to householders since the floor only needs adequate time to settle in to its new surroundings. After the flooring has gone through all the seasons, the squeaking and other sounds coming from the boards should be minimal at worst.

However, there are ways of tacking a more persistent problem; you just need to find the chief source of the sound. As soon as you’ve done this, you might wish to try brushing chalk or talcum powder between the planks to minimise the friction. If the planks are rubbing up against the joists, the loose planks can be tightened by screwing them into the joists. This should help to guarantee the structure made to support that the floor is sturdy and completely in place.

If you have found the origin of the squeaking is actually a wooden staircase, then a wooden wedge can be driven beneath the stair tread to tighten it against the face of the stairs.

Should you find that the floorboards make noises no matter what you do, then contact the timber flooring experts who have several years of experience in sorting every sort of difficulty connected with this kind of floor. They will advise on the best way to approach this scenario going forwards.

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