When deciding upon the ideal flooring for your house, there are lots of components to take into account. Among the main things to consider is,’who will use your flooring?’ . As an example, if you are a pet owner it is vital to locate a flooring solution that can defy the overall wear and tear from your pet.

As time passes the effect of your puppy or kitty will start to show in your flooring. Therefore, you’ll want to discover a flooring option which won’t just minimize any harm caused by your pet but also provide longevity too. Together with your furry friend in your mind, these are the significant points of concern when picking your floors: protection against stains and scratches, resistance to harm, the relaxation of your pet as well as the grip of your pet. Additionally, it is important to notice here that flooring durability not only encircles scrape resistance but should think about effect and moisture. Overall, when selecting flooring stuff, you would like to pick something that’s not just favorable to your pet but also attractive to your interior layout.

To ease the selection procedure, we have compiled a listing of 5 pet-friendly flooring choices.


This is only because bamboo possesses natural durability that makes it equally stain and scratch-resistant. Bamboo’s sturdiness is ensured by its own high Janka flooring evaluation ; basically, the greater the score means the harder the wood. In this case, the high score guarantees that bamboo isn’t just a sustainable flooring material but may also survive the constant onslaught of your pet’s claws.

Additionally, bamboo is an antimicrobial material which means that your house will be retained free of mold and other allergens. Besides being exceptionally easy to clean, bamboo can also be allergen resistant, ensuring that it will not harbor pet fur or other debris.

Engineered Hardwood

Again, when ensuring your hardwood floors option is pet-friendly it’s best to decide on a material that ranks high on the Janka hardness scale. Specifically, you need to choose wood species which have a score of 1,250 or more. A few fantastic engineered hardwood options include Brazilian cherry or white oak. But, even for the sturdiest timber, it’s still important to safeguard them in order to extend their longevity. Getting your floor coated in urethane can help minimize any harm sustained through scratches or stains.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring are an incredibly durable alternative. Although some will say that this alternative is acceptable for pets, this isn’t always true. However, if the appropriate protective measures are set in place, hardwood flooring can withstand your pet’s habits and behaviours. When cared for properly, by applying a protective coating and running regular sanding, hardwood flooring can last anywhere between 80-100 years.

Ultimately, when it comes to selecting the flooring option which is not just suitable for you but also your animal friend, it’s vital to consider longevity. Therefore, selecting a choice that is mainly scratch-resistant and stain-resistant will ensure that the level of your floors remain in tiptop shape, letting you enjoy them for longer.

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